Do You Have An Unresolved Insurance Claim Related to Hurricane Isaac? I Am Here To Help

When Hurricane Isaac began it was only a slow-moving tropical storm. By August 21st, 2012, the storm had strengthened and swept across Cuba and Hispaniola, leaving 29 dead in its wake. Isaac then moved into the Gulf of Mexico, and officials began to discuss the strong potentiality for this storm to become a hurricane. Days passed, though, and the storm seemed to have stalled in its current strength. The interaction it had had with land in Hispaniola prevented the storm from developing the solid core of a hurricane until just before it was set to make landfall in the United States.
On the morning of August 28, a week after wreaking havoc on the Caribbean, Isaac was officially named a hurricane. Later that evening it made its first landfall near the Mississippi River. Eight hours later it hit land again, and for the final time, at Port Fourchon, Louisiana. A massive storm, Isaac produced a huge storm surge that ravaged the land near where it hit. At least nine lost their lives to this storm in the U.S., five of whom were in Louisiana when the storm hit. The others died in Mississippi and Florida.
Hurricanes are much more than just storms. These incredible forces of nature sweep in, and within hours lay wreckage to land, homes, property and lives. Filing a hurricane claim can be complex. If your claim is not properly documented, or you attempt to pursue your case without competent representation and support, the pain and stress of your financial and personal situation could be considerably worsened.
Surviving a hurricane is traumatic enough, but facing the insurance company can be horrifying. Making a claim for recovery from an insurance company after suffering catastrophic loss due to a hurricane such as Isaac is not an easy task, nor is it something that you should go into without a plan and adequate support. Today’s insurance companies are focused on their bottom line. They make money by collecting policyholders’ premiums, but they save money by underpaying or outright denying valid claims.
Don’t let yourself continue to suffer. You have already dealt with extraordinary hardship from the storm. Don’t let the insurance company push you around and subject you to delays, denials and attempts at showing that you do not deserve for your claim to be honored.
If you are coping with losses due to a hurricane, don’t rely on the representatives of the insurance company. You need an attorney who will work for you to make sure your claim gets the attention that it deserves. Contact the Law Office of Nicholas M. Graphia to find out how we can help you.