New Orleans, Louisiana Hail Storm

Louisiana doesn’t immediately bring to mind thoughts of ice, but in February the usually balmy weather of New Orleans was broken by an unusual hail storm. All along the West Bank massive hailstones pummeled the city. The chunks of ice punctured roofs, smashed windows and dented cars. In addition to golf-ball sized balls of ice pounding down, the New Orleans area was whipped with storm-force gusts of wind and flooding rains. Siding was torn from homes and neighborhoods were left with standing water as limbs, leaves and other debris clogged the catch basins. As homeowners stared out at a glistening blanket of ice that looked strikingly like snow in their lawns, many were feeling gnawing worry replacing the awe. All around them was damage, and most realized that the worst harm was likely out of sight, high up on the roofs.
When situations like this hit, many home and business owners find themselves stressed to their brink adding yet another expense to their already strained financial situation. Perforated roofs, damaged cars and shattered glass all need to be fixed, but these repairs can represent a staggering expense. Residents find themselves facing the uncomfortable decision of whether to attempt the repairs on their own and simply live with those problems they cannot amend, or file a claim with their insurance companies.
Though insurance companies are meant to provide assistance and comfort in these difficult times by making the payouts to which their premium-paying policyholders are entitled, many are far more concerned about padding their own pockets. Delay, defend, deny is cliché because it’s true.
When you are facing property loss and damage due to an Act of God such as a devastating hailstorm, do not rely on the claims adjuster from the insurance company, and never automatically sign anything the insurance company puts in front of you. In these situations, you need your own attorney. This lawyer will stand by your side and ensure that you get everything that you deserve from your insurance company.
Don’t let yourself face one injustice after another. You have been through enough coping with the ravages of the storm, and now it is time for you to turn your focus to getting life back to normal. Call the Law Office of Nicholas Graphia today to find out how we can help you negotiate with your insurance company, and get the payout you deserve.