Sample Position Paper – Property Insurance Mediation


This position paper was filed for my clients whose kitchen was badly damaged by an overflowing HVAC unit. (Their personal information is redacted for privacy reasons.) The carrier initially denied the claim by citing inapplicable mold exclusions and misrepresenting the cause of the loss and pertinent provisions of the insurance policy.

As the one year statute of limitations was about to expire, we filed suit for property damages and bad faith damages. After proceeding with the litigation, it became apparent that my clients were in the right and the insurance carrier did not have a viable defense.  Their claim was well documented by an independent insurance professional, and the homeowner’s insurance policy plainly provided coverage.

The claim was settled after a several hour mediation.

If you have a property insurance claim that has not been adjusted properly, feel free to contact me for a complimentary case consultation.  I am licensed to practice law in Louisiana and have represented individuals and businesses throughout South Louisiana, Central Louisiana, and North Louisiana. I’ve also helped policyholders nationwide through association with local counsel.