Use of drones in adjusting claims

This article predicts that within the next 5 years drones will be used to adjust property insurance claims.  A representative portion is quoted below. This could be a positive thing for policyholders in that it could speed up the claims adjusting process.

 After a catastrophe hits, mobile units filled with adjusters are on site to evaluate property damage. Flash forward five years and an insured may never meet the property adjuster handling his or her claim. Instead, a drone is sent to evaluate damage within hours of it occurring. Claims are closed at breakneck speed as adjusters handle a much higher volume. Insurers see fewer workers’ compensation claims as adjusters remain safely ensconced in their cubicles.

However, policyholders are already entitled to a prompt adjustment of their insurance claims. Louisiana law requires insurance carriers to begin the claims adjustment process within 14 days of receiving notice of the claim. Moreover, under the bad faith statutes, policyholders are entitled to an adjustment by a qualified, licensed adjuster.   This allows policyholders the opportunity to show a competent person the visible and concealed damages at the site inspection so that their claim can be adjusted right the first time.

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