Was Your Home or Business Damaged by the December 2012 Tornado in Baker?

On the morning of December 10, 2012 a tornado touched down in Baker, Louisiana.This powerful storm generated whipping winds of 105 miles per hour and laid a path of destruction as it tore through the area. The entire experience was brief but terrifying for residents who ran for shelter wherever they could find it. The survivors spoke of five minutes of sheer fear they will never forget. As trees came down and objects were thrown through the air due to the force of the winds, some homes were completely destroyed. Though no one in Baker lost their lives that morning, many were left wondering how they would pick up the pieces and move forward in the wake of the mighty storm.

It is never easy to face the aftermath of a natural disaster. You are left coping with the challenges of extensive property damage, perhaps even to the point of losing your home and all of your possessions, and you or your loved ones may have been injured. You would hope that filing an insurance claim so you can receive money to help you get through the situation and move on would make the situation less stressful. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. In today’s industry, insurance companies are focused on having a healthy profit margin and sometimes don’t care what you have gone through if they are able to save the expense of your potential payout.

Natural disasters are unfair, but collecting on your insurance afterwards shouldn’t be. The insurance company ostensibly exists to ensure you get through such situations by giving payouts on the policies that you hold and have paid premiums on for years. When they decide they don’t want to pay, however, you could be facing even worse personal and financial strife. In this situation, you don’t need to let the insurance company call the shots. You need your own attorney who will back you up, carefully investigate your situation and ensure that you get what you deserve from your insurance company so that you can focus on your family and getting back to living your life. Call the Law Office of Nicholas M. Graphia today, (225) 366-8618, and find out how we can help you.