Insurance Claim Negotiation

Navigating the Louisiana Insurance Claim Process

You deserve experienced representation to help you with your claim. I have a history of helping individuals and businesses get the compensation they deserve for their property insurance, business and personal injury claims.
For years, I have protected the interests of Louisiana home and business owners through litigation and pre-litigation insurance claim negotiation. From delayed and underpaid claims to outright denials, I have stood up for the rights of my clients and helped them maximize their insurance claims.

The Impact of a Property Insurance Claim

Has your home or business been damaged by a hurricane or other severe weather event that is common in Louisiana?  Was there a fire at your home or business?  Regardless of the cause, I understand that if your home or business has been damaged, having to make the necessary repairs is more than an inconvenience.  At a minimum, it disrupts your daily routine and causes headaches you don’t want to deal with.  Severe damage can expose you and your family to serious health and safety issues and could force you to live or work elsewhere for an extended period of time.

That is why I am committed to working with you and your insurance company to get your claim processed as quickly as possible, so you can get the funds you need to repair or rebuild your home or business.

Prevent Property Insurance Claim Disputes

Don’t wait until your claim is delayed or denied.  If your home or business has been damaged, I can provide the guidance you need to prevent a property insurance claim dispute.  With over 17 years of legal and insurance industry experience, I have in-depth knowledge of the claims process and experience negotiating with large insurance companies.  I will put that experience to work for you to protect your interests against the insurance company and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have never experienced an insured loss, filing a claim with your insurance company may seem like a simple process.  But many home and business owners are surprised by how complex and time-consuming it can be.  And time is something you don’t have when you’re dealing with the personal and financial difficulties that occur when your property is damaged.

Your insurance company may ask you to obtain repair estimates, take photos of the damage, submit lists of items that need to be replaced and more.  While these are all necessary steps to ensuring your claim is processed properly, it can also be overwhelming.

When you work with me, you can be sure I will give your case the time and attention it deserves to timely settle it for a reasonable amount of money.  I will assume the burden of dealing with the insurance company, so you can focus on more important things.  More specifically, I advocate on your behalf by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy and claims file. This allows me to determine if the insurance company is in compliance with applicable Louisiana insurance laws.
  • Dispatching one of the insurance experts in my network of insurance professionals to conduct an independent assessment of the damage to your property. The insurance experts I work with are trained to identify all losses, including hidden damages and report them to the insurance company. This will help ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Working with you to compile all of the information the insurance company needs to process your claim.
  • Saving you time and money by working with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Drafting a thorough, well documented demand package.
  • Negotiating with your insurance company to ensure they agree with our assessment of the damage.
  • Litigating your case as necessary.

Getting help from a Louisiana lawyer at the onset of the claims process can help streamline the process, keep things on track and prevent problems in the future.

Resolve Property Insurance Claim Disputes

Has your insurance claim been denied?  Do you think you deserve more than what the insurance company has agreed to pay?

When your property is damaged, you expect to file a claim with your carrier and receive adequate compensation to get the repairs you need.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.  Insurance companies frequently delay, underpay and deny claims, leaving policyholders frustrated and wondering where they can turn for help.

Under the terms of all insurance policies and the applicable law, policyholders are entitled to appeal their carrier’s decision.  But appealing a decision against a large insurance company may seem like a no-win situation.  Having a Louisiana attorney who focuses on property insurance claim disputes represent you against the insurance company greatly increases the likelihood of getting the settlement you deserve.

If you have already filed a claim with your insurance company and are not satisfied with the results, I can handle your property insurance claim dispute.  As an experienced insurance and legal professional, I understand the complexities of the claims process and all applicable Louisiana insurance laws.  I will review your insurance policy as well as all other relevant documents to ensure they comply with current insurance industry standards and insurance laws.

Then I will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to secure adequate compensation to get the repairs you need to restore or rebuild your property.

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