Bad Faith Damages for Delayed Claim

This Petition for Damages was filed for my clients in North Louisiana whose home was badly damaged by a hail storm. (Their personal information is redacted for privacy reasons.) Their roof was damaged in several places, causing significant water intrusion inside the home. Bad faith damages were alleged because the insurance carrier did not adjust the claim in good faith, waiting several months to dispatch an adjuster, and ultimately denying most of the claim by wrongfully saying the roof leaks were pre-existing.  In turn, the policyholders reached out to me to see what their options were. I sent out an insurance consultant who surveyed the property  and prepared a report of the damages.

Normally, I would negotiate with the insurance carrier and attempt to settle the claim without a lawsuit. In this case, however, the one year statute of limitations was about to expire, so we had to file suit for the amount of repairs and bad faith damages. This particular claim is well documented, so I do expect that the insurance carrier  will want to settle soon and properly pay the claim so that my clients can repair their property. If settlement is not possible, however, I am confident that my clients will prevail at trial.

If you have an insurance claim in North, South, or Central Louisiana that was not adjusted properly, feel free to contact me for a complimentary case review. I also handle cases nationwide through association with local counsel.